Holiday Cakes

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    • Anita says:

      Hi Liz!I came upon your Angry Bird Toppers on Googling My son, Ryan’s 6th birthday is nocimg up in August.. He is so in love with Angry Birds.I wonder if your toppers can be shipped to Singapore? Do you think it is even possible?Hope to hear from you soon!Thanks!Best Regards,Lynn =)

        • Karolina says:

          Hi Dawn A lot of all butter (no sirotenhng) buttercream recipes still crust over. The one that I’m using in this video doesn’t contain sirotenhng. (It’s just a basic butter, powdered sugar, milk vanilla recipe). You wait a few minutes after frosting and if you can touch it without the icing coming off on your finger, it is ready to roll. You can use a clean (new) high density foam paint roller. This roller method is also known as the Melvira Method after the lady who invented it. A quick google will give you more info on this method. ;0) It only works on crusting buttercreams.

      • Whindyi says:

        - P.S. The right side of the cake did have a matching silevr strap loop, but John immidiately ate it upon seeing the cake for the first time. HAHA!

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