ErriBerri’s Personalized Custom Cakes

Erri Berri Cakes located in the greater philadelphia region provides delicious personalized cakes limited solely by your tasteful imagination.


Fondant cakes are for sissies!  Sure they look nice, but that cardboard flavor really isn’t why you want cake!  Erri Berri Cakes are delicious homemade butter cream creations that look fantastic and taste even better!

See our Recent Posts for different occasions and ideas for your special delectable creation. Don’t limit your ideas to what you see, as this is just to get you thinking.

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  1. coleen dougherty says:

    Hi, I’m interested in a birthday cake for my dtgr who will be 11 years old in March. She loves dance and take multiple classes a week. Looking for a a birthday cake for about 12 people. Her favorite saying ” Just Dance”. Thanks. P.S. I work at Jeanes Hospital also!!!

    • erin says:

      Yes I can absolutely do that for you!!!I sent an email to you with an order form and price list of different size cakes offered. Thanks so much!!!

    • Yukina says:

      Hi, I’m interested in a dhitrbay cake for my dtgr who will be 11 years old in March. She loves dance and take multiple classes a week. Looking for a a dhitrbay cake for about 12 people. Her favorite saying Just Dance . Thanks. P.S. I work at Jeanes Hospital also!!!

      • Kempee says:

        This was a very exciting day for me as I whetacd one of my closest cousins(Anthony)get married. As children we spent a lot of hours playing video games but by far my memories were of Super Mario. When I was told he was petitioning for this cake at his wedding on Facebook I was totally on board! With such a unique idea that has never been done at a traditional wedding what was not to love. It wasn’t surprising the amount of support he got for this cake and to see it at the wedding I think exceeded all of our expectations. The cake was spectacular!!! The attention to detail with all the iconic Super Mario pieces was unbelievable. This truly was a cake to be marveled at by all in attendance!

  2. Tracey Atkinson says:

    I am interested in a phillies cake with the phanatic on it for my son for next weekend if possible. please advise it would be for Saturday 3/24/12 thanks

    • erin says:

      Yes I can do that for you…please email me @ or give me your email and I will send you a list of prices and order form. I would need you orddr in byMonday nite since the cake is for this weekend. Thank You!! Erin

      • Emily says:

        I’m Ryan’s mom and I just wanted to tell you that the Beatles cake was abteulsoly amazing. It was so beautiful and detailed. Ryan loved it! He wanted to play with the figures that you made on top, they were so well made.Not only was it beautiful, but it was also very tasty. At first we didn’t want to cut into it and then before you knew it 3/4 of the cake was quickly eaten that night.Thank you for making Ryan’s 4th birthday such a special event. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.Fernanda

    • Peter says:

      Diaper Pins .. Diaper Pins ..have them cuddle on a blnekat that comes up throught the middle and then secure their arms and legs to each other (with the blnekat between) using diaper pins. You can also use colorful links tucked down into the tiers (they are around the legs). Be creative but always make sure to not harm the plush animal!!

  3. Joan Mulville says:

    Erin – i got your card when I was at Jeanes Hospital. I am having at small 50th Birthday celebration for my husband on Saturday – would you be able to something for me or is it to late? I’ll understand if it is. Thanks.

    • Sarif says:

      Dear Josie,Thank you for making Ryan’s inebrdicle cake. It was a real piece of art, and extremely yummy! We are all still talking about it and showing the pictures around with pride. You are a true artist. Thank you for taking the time to put all those amazing details that made Ryan radiant with joy and believe me, every single one was noticed by our little birthday boy.Your cake definitely made his day!!!!With gratitude, and hugs, and kisses,Carmen SaragaRyan’s maternal grandmother

  4. Lisa DiSipio says:

    Hi, my mother is debbue from St ephrem’s. I wanted to order a Big #1 cake for Joseph for 6/9/12Not looking for any characters on it, just HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH in shades of blue. Please call me 215 901 0040

    btw…The family loved the phillies cake for Nicolas!

  5. Megan Wreath says:

    Hi! I am looking for a cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I am always trying to find someone to go to on a regular basis. I love the big elaborate cakes that are so popular now, but of course my husband thinks its a little crazy! I would like a Minnie Mouse cake and I was hoping for some type of 3D effect, either Minnie Mouse herself or just the black head and ears silhouette with a bow. I have some pics that I like. Or your ideas would be welcome too. Just wondering what you could do and in what price range. Thanks so much!!!

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